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We offer Highest guranteed Cash for your unwanted, junk, damaged or scrap cars. With Having industry leading professional and experienced removal Service in brisbane.

scrap car with australian dollar cash

Why Choose Us?

Competitive Price

We offer the highest price for your car. Selling your old or damaged car to a us that specialises in purchasing these vehicles will nett you the most money. The amount of cash you will receive will depend on the make, model, and condition of your car.

High-Standard Recycling

Standard car recycling involves the responsible dismantling and recycling of old or damaged vehicles to reduce waste and promote the conservation of natural resources. By recycling materials like steel, aluminum, and plastic, standard car recycling helps minimize the environmental impact of the automotive industry.

Reliable Service

CashyourCars service offers efficient and hassle-free solutions for removing unwanted vehicles. With a reputation for reliability, these services provide peace of mind to customers, knowing that their old or non-functioning cars will be safely and responsibly removed from their premises.

Quality Serivce

With a focus on customer satisfaction, these services prioritize efficiency, transparency, and responsible disposal to deliver a high-quality car removal experience.

Quick & Efficient

We will pickup your car as qucik as efficient, with same day pick up available. We prioritize punctuality and professionalism, ensuring that scheduled pickups are honored and completed on time.

Highly Trained Staff

Our trained car removal staff are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle the removal of vehicles in a safe and efficient manner. They receive proper training on industry best practices, including handling hazardous materials, towing techniques, and vehicle transportation.

Our professional and friendly staff are committed to getting the job done

Cash for cars brisbane offers wide range of services such as car removal, car recycling, car parts and car dealing. Cash for cars is an excellent solution for car owners looking to sell their unwanted vehicles quickly and efficiently. Whether you have a used car, a broken-down vehicle, or a scrap car, cash for cars services make it easy to get cash for your car without any hassle. With their straightforward process and immediate cash payment, you can get rid of your old car quickly and move on with your life.

Sell your car for instant cash

Selling your car for instant cash is a convenient and hassle-free way to get rid of an unwanted vehicle and receive payment quickly. Many reputable car removal services offer on-the-spot cash payments, providing an immediate solution for car owners looking to liquidate their assets. By choosing this option, you can avoid the lengthy process of listing and selling your car, and instead, enjoy a quick and seamless transaction for instant cash.

How it works

Cash for cars Brisbane typically follow a straightforward process that makes it easy for car owners to get rid of their vehicles. Here is how it works:

1. Contact us: The first step is to reach out to cash for cars Brisbane either through their website, phone, or email. Provide us with basic information about your car, including the make, model, year, and condition.

2. Get a Cash Offer: Based on the information you provide about your car, the we will give you a cash offer. This offer represents the maximum amount of money you can receive for your car.

3. Schedule a Pickup: If you decide to accept the cash offer, you can schedule a pickup time and date that’s convenient for you. When the pickup team arrives, they will inspect the vehicle to ensure that it matches the details you provided.

4. Get Paid: Assuming the vehicle matches the description you provided, the pickup team will pay you in cash on the spot. Then, they will tow away the car, freeing you from any further obligations or expenses.

happy clients

Great experience with CashyourCars Service. their team did an excellent removal job for us today.

Aaron Kenedy


We have used Cashyourcars for many years. They are very professional and I feel very confident that my car is secured during their visits.

Archer Lehman


CashyourCars service is fast, I called them and received a good offer then after one hour my car was removed and cash was on my hand. unbelivable.

Eli Carter