11 Common Terms Used by Junk Car Removal Companies

It is very hectic and a little confusing selling your junk car. First, you aren’t aware of which company to reach and when finally you got one you’re having conversation problems. If you are interested in selling your junk car but your telephone conversation with the junk car removal company didn’t go well or was a bit complicated. Then, there nothing to worry about as we have got your back.

Mostly the staff of junk car removal companies don’t have the proper training about dealing with customers. That’s the reason why people aren’t able to understand the complicated terms used by them and a significant part of conversation seem gibberish to them.

In this article, we’ll let you know about 11 standard terms used by junk car removal companies and what they mean by them.


The Standard Terms Used by Junk Car Removal Companies With Meaning


Junk Car

Junk cars which are correctly identified as scrap cars or clunkers are referred to as the automobile that has not carefully handled. In other words, vehicles that are severely damaged are known as the junk car. The term knows it because repairing them would turn out to be more costly than its value.


Abandoned Car

An automobile in a stationary position which has no owner or is left unguarded for a long time by the owner is known as an abandoned car. There are many such automobiles seen in many parts of the city on roads or in societies where tenant left their vehicle, not in working condition. Usually, these vehicles are kept by local or state authorities.


Junk Car Recycling

The term used for the process of recycling any inoperable automobile which is of no use in terms of parts or finance for disposing of it is known as junk car recycling. Usually, the parts and machinery of the junk car are sold, and different companies recycle the frame.


Cash for Cars Buyers

Cash for car buyers is the companies or the people known to be car removal service providers, junkyards, motor vehicle component recyclers or wreckers. These people pay junk car owners the money considering the condition and other criteria. Different junk car removal companies are considered cash for car buyers.


Buy Junk and Used Cars for Scrap

By this statement, the automobile recycles means the exceptional service provided by them to the car owners. The service is known to be purchasing your wrecked, inoperable, or unwanted cars taking them for recycling. This is usually a fair deal as people make a handful of money by selling their abandoned vehicles.


Cash for Junk Vehicles

When your vehicle has reached the last days of its life or has completed its lifespan that it isn’t worth servicing, then there are many cash for car buyers who purchase it. They put a price to it, removing and recycling it later.


Junk Car Removal

The process during which damaged or inoperable cars are taken to the cash for car buyers using specialized equipment from the owner’s site.


Curb Weight

The weight of the junk vehicle without any passenger, including its component, is known to be the curb weight of the automobile.


Free Towing

The cash for car buyers usually organizes the removal of the junk car as they reach an agreement to exchange the car for money. It is often carried by making a contract with vehicle towing companies charging a hookup fee which is based on the weight loaded per kilometre.


Junk Car Quote

The cash estimated by both parties for the purchase of the automobile by the junk car removal company is known as a junk car quote. It is calculated by the condition of the car which is either severely damaged, inoperable, or abandoned.


Vehicle Title

The official document granted by the state indicating the authentic information of the owner of the vehicle, its mileage and date of ownership is known to be vehicle title. It is necessary for selling any vehicle legally, whether used, new, or junk.


After going through the article, we’re sure that you have understood these terms. Otherwise, there’s always an option to go for the companies having skilled in customer dealing and presenting excellent car removal services. If you are seeking car removal in Brisbane, then try out cash for cars, as they are the best in the industry by every means.

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