5 Things To Do Before You Junk Your Car

The average life of a car in today’s world is almost 12 years. However, most people are driving their cars longer than they should. And then they get haunted by the question “how to sell a car that is not road worthy?” As it is typically harder to sell a car that is near to its end, such cars end up sitting in the backyards for years, just withering away. Why? Selling a used car is already such a hassle, but dealing with a junk car is a whole new problem.

Trying to sell junk cars to dealerships or private sellers is an arduous job and time-taking. But there is one way you can get rid of your old rusty car and get some cash in return as well. You can kill two birds with one stone by selling your car to junkyards or salvage yards. They will scrap your car and offer you a fair sum. The amount usually depends on the quantity of scrap metal they can get their hands out of your wasted vehicle.

If you want to get the top dollar money for your junk car, you need to take the following five steps before you sell it to a salvage yard.

STEP # 1: Straighten Out The Paperwork

Before you go and try to sell your junk car, make sure that you have all the paperwork sorted that proves you are the owner. Most junk car buyers will only buy your vehicle if you show them the ownership documentation.

STEP # 2: Collect Your Personal Belongings

It is a fact that our car carries a lot of our personal belongings. We stash most of our things in the trunks, storage compartments, and under seats. So before you take your car for scrapping, you need to thoroughly check your vehicle to ensure that you have removed all your belongings. Because once your automobile is out for scrapping, everything in it will get crushed.

STEP # 3: Take Out Valuable Parts

It might be shocking, but even a junk car has a lot of valuable parts that you can sell in the market for a decent sum. You can remove them, and sell them yourself so you can profit more. The cost of your junk car is not affected whether it has custom made parts in it or not, as the amount solely depends on the scrap metal your vehicle offers.

STEP # 4: Cancel Your Insurance

A junk car that is not under your ownership anymore should not be under your insurance. So before selling your vehicle to a salvage yard, do not forget to cancel your insurance. While most insurers might forgive you for not canceling your coverage on time, and refund your money. You still should not take the risk, and make sure that your junk car is not being covered by your insurance company anymore.

STEP # 5: Look For The Best Deal

Finally, when you’re done and dusted with all the above-mentioned crucial steps, you can start looking for junkyards and salvage yards who are ready to give the best deal for your junk car.

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