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Cash Your Cars is an Australian car removal company, based in Brisbane. We provide car enthusiasts and clients with the opportunity to earn on-the-spot cash in exchange for their scrapped, damaged, used, unwanted or junk cars. At Cash Your Cars, our primary objective is to recycle car parts, so we can play our part in doing what is best for the environment. Our customers can bring in their cars, or contact our free-of-cost towing service, to pick up and bring the car to our scrap yard.

With the intention of broadening our message, Cash Your Cars provides customers with cash on the spot. This way, more and more people would join our cause of recycling car parts of old, used, and junk cars. At Cash Your Cars, our philosophy revolves around the idea of assisting our clients in every way. This is why we offer same day pickups all over the city, along with free car removals. Being passionate about what we do, Cash Your Cars does not discriminate against the model, make or the condition. Even if the car is in the worst possible state, Cash Your Cars’ service in Brisbane would return cash for it!

Our process is fairly simple. If you wish to scrap your car, in exchange for cash, you can reach out to the service through our multiple modes of communication. To contact the service, you can reach out to us through a live chat, online form, email, or simply by giving us a call. As our aim is to provide a quick and convenient service, our customer service agents would respond to you in fifteen minutes or less. In our first and initial meeting, you can provide us with all the details regarding the car you wish to scrap. This information can include the model, make, the condition, as well as the functionality of the car. After carrying out a thorough inspection, we can provide you with an approximate price for the car. Cash Your Car believes in carrying out a fair exchange. This is why we offer rates that are higher than any of our competitors. Moreover, once you commit to our service, you can experience the comfort of knowing that you would not encounter any hidden charges.

Once you agree with the price, Cash Your Cars will send our agents to pick up your vehicle from the comfort home. This way, you wouldn’t have to trouble yourself at all! We offer same-day pick-ups all over the city of Brisbane, without any charges. Therefore, you can easily get rid of the junk car, without having to make space for it in your driveway for another day! Our teams will bring a tow-truck, along with all the necessary tools, to make the process effective and swift. Once the car is picked up, you can receive the cash on the spot!

Cash Your Cars is a client-centric firm. Hence, we are able to provide you with a service that is convenient, dependable and reliable!

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