How To Sell A car During The Corona Pandemic

Since Coronavirus has attacked the world, life has stopped moving like it used to and everything has come to a halt. Business does not work like it used to, with most countries asking their people to practice social distancing and most work activities being carried out from the confines of people’s homes. In times like these, how to sell a car if someone wants to while keeping themselves safe?

  1. Give your vehicle a good wash!

This is generally done even in normal times, but with the onset of this deadly pandemic, this has become absolutely necessary. Because the car now needs to be cleaned not just because of how it will look to the buyer, but also for safety reasons.

Clean the exterior of your vehicle thoroughly, and then disinfect the interior as well using an anti-bacterial detergent or spray. Ensure the buyer that the car is cleaned properly and then give it to them for a test drive.

It is important that both the buyer and seller follow all SOPs and comply with all the rules and measures set in place to prevent this virus from spreading too much. Both the buyer and seller should be wearing gloves and masks and also sanitize their hands, especially the buyer before the test drive.

  • Do not shake hands with each other

It is important that the 2 parties practice social distancing as much as possible. Avoid any type of physical contact. Yes, being friendly to the buyer is important but even they will understand this measure is necessary under the circumstances. Just be nice and friendly to them and that will do.

  • Sanitize before touching objects

There are many objects that will need to be touched by both parties involved, such as keys, logbooks, and the steering. It is recommended that you keep an anti-bacterial or sanitizer with you at all times and use one of these before touching these objects.

  • Explain everything perfectly to the buyer

Just because you do not shake hands or practice social distancing, does not mean you make them feel uneasy or uninterested. Answer all their questions, listen to all their queries and concerns, and explain everything they need to know about the vehicle as much as you can. Be warm and treat them nicely so that they are genuinely interested in your vehicle and not lose it.

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