Is Car Color Related To Safety?

Many people believe car color has something to do with safety. However, this theory has not been proved and there is no certainty in this regard. Some studies do suggest this may be true and just to be sure, there is nothing wrong in understanding all the aspects of this topic especially where safety is involved.

Is anyone aware of the Monash University Accident Research Centre in Melbourne, Australia? Well, it is a research institute made to prevent car accidents and injuries associated with it through research on different accidents and into any factors that could cause them. This institute published a research in 2007 reporting car accident rates based on the color of the car. They said that white is the safest car color while black is the dangerous one. Why is this so? The reason is not exactly clear but one explanation for this could be that white is easier to see, especially at night when the light is poor, or on dark and lonely roads, where the streetlights do not work properly or are not present at all.

Another color that is thought to be safe is Golden. In the day, it can be seen from afar and easily stands out. In addition to being safe, it is also a very grand and royal color and will look great on your car. Golden cars also have the added benefit of reflecting light in the dark hours of the night.

Know what else is safe? YELLOW! That fact is pretty clear by the yellow taxis we see on the road. They are yellow so that they can be seen easily from afar. Hence, yellow has the advantage of being easily seen and visualized no matter what the weather is and how dark it is. Whether it’s snowing, or a great fog is on the rise, yellow car drivers need not worry about a thing!

Other safe car colors are cream, beige and silver. All these are light colors that can easily be seen by others no matter what time of day it is. Gray is a moderately safe color, because even though it is easy o spot in the day and even when there is less light, it easily blends in with rain and fog and becomes harder to spot. Hence, the term moderately safe.

Is crash the only way car color is related to safety?

The answer is no. One other way is stealing. Thieves obviously want to steal cars that have a higher resale value. So, obviously they go more for colors that are more popular, such as silver, black and white. Silver and blue cars are among the thieves’ favorites, while they tend to avoid stealing brown, orange and yellow ones. This is because these cars not only have low resale values, but are also very evident and noticeable, posing a threat of getting caught.

Safety is not the only factor to consider

Yes, safety is a big issue, but it’s not the only one. There are many other factors to consider as well, such as the climate where you live, your own personal color preference and the maintenance that each color will need. For instance, black cars need more maintenance than white ones. Also, the more popular colors are easier to resell and will also get you more money on their sale.

Every color has its own pros and cons, and while getting one, choose the car which suits your needs and your environment most.

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