The Process Of Scrapping Your Car

You purchased a car a long time ago but now its old and has lost most of its functions so you decide it’s time to scrap it for parts. How do you wonder? Well, scrapping is an easy process and, in this article, we will explain to you fully the whole process and how to make money through it as well.

  1. Firstly, remove anything that belongs to you

Lots of people do not do this and tend to take their vehicles to the junkyard as it is where they later remember they had some valuable thing inside and regret it. Hence, be sure to check the car thoroughly because you will need full access to all parts of it, even if you choose to scrap it by yourself and so it is important that it is completely empty.

Check everywhere for loose change, cassettes or any CDs you might have left inside.

  • Remove parts you think are worthy

Some junkyards make deals with the car owners and you cannot take out any part of your car. However, if this is not the case with you, you could search and take out some car parts you think would get you good money. For example, the car battery or the sound system. These things could do you some benefit and it is a good idea to take them out before you start with the scrapping process.

  • Utilize the gas if there’s any left, because why not?

If there’s any gas left, why not go for a drive? The junkyard does not need it and they drain all of it before the process. So, why let your money go to waste? Take your car out for a drive one last time and reminisce about all the nice memories you have had with it. Might actually be fun and nostalgic!

However, if your car gives you trouble while driving and there is a lot of gas, you could always siphon it out and either sell it or use it for some other car you own.

  • Removed the license plates yet?

Many states want you to return the plates of a car when you scrap it. Even if they do not, it’s still a better idea to not let the plates go to waste. Because if they get into the wrong hands, you could feel responsible or implicated for something you did not even do.

  • Cancel insurance

Why would anyone want to be paying insurance on a car that has been completely turned into junk? Hence, the better thing to do would be to call your insurance company and cancel all policies and payments on the said vehicle.

  • Ask the junkyard questions to get full value for money

To get the maximum benefit and money out of the car scrapping process, you need to ask the junkyard a number of questions. You should ask them if leaving only the metal parts behind disposing of the non-metal ones would be more beneficial in terms of money, or how and when are they going to pay you. Also, always ask the estimated cost of your car and whether they will help move the car if it doesn’t move and will that service has a fee or not.

These are a number of questions that need to be asked for the whole process to run smoothly and without problems.

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